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Featured Illustrations

To connect the journal articles to our theme, we created a “Journal Roadmap,” where each article is “located” in a different region of California. The roadmap guides you through the state by making stops in Napa Valley, San Francisco, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles. At each location, there are key symbols and icons that represent the region. The illustrated roadmap was created by general body member, Aidan Nesbitt. 


On each article's title page, we featured an illustration of the location that depicts classic landscapes, landmarks, and symbols of California’s culture. The illustrations were created by Design Coordinator, Kaylee Kitayama, and general body members Cindy Nguyen, Caden Kerr, Isabella Walker, and Emma Steward respectively.

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Napa Valley


San Francisco


Paso Robles

San Luis Obispo


Los Angeles

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