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2021 Journal

This year we used the platform Issuu to showcase our chapter's electronic research journal. We chose Issuu because we wanted to incorporate an interactive reading experience, which still felt like you were flipping through pages of the journal. The Cal Poly TAGA chapter has published journals on Issuu for 10 years. We upheld the tradition this year, but took it a step further by embedding the journal directly onto our website. This feature allowed our content to be concentrated in one place, so viewers could remain immersed in the experience. For the optimized experience, please view the journal in full-screen mode.


This journal is the culmination of months of our teamwork by our dedicated team to showcase student-written research, engaging design, and modern production technologies. Cal Poly is proud to uphold its “Learn by Doing” motto in its first solely electronic journal. It would be a missed opportunity to ignore the unique circumstances surrounding this year’s competition, so we embraced the challenges to produce technology-driven, optimistic deliverables. We designed the journal for electronic-viewing and focused our efforts on the website and augmented reality elements, powered by RealityBLU®. To build community, we recruited the help of our chapter general body members to design a Journal Roadmap and illustrations.

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